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Shield your advertising investments with Clickfraudfree, an impenetrable fortress against fraudulent clicks in PPC campaigns. Safeguard your budget, thwart click fraud, and ensure peak performance with our state-of-the-art security protocols.

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    Fortify your defenses against PPC fraud and shield your advertising budget with our trusted protection.
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    Say goodbye to deceptive clicks and ensure a budget-friendly advertising journey that maximizes your ROI.
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    Rely on Clickfraudfree to safeguard your investment and shield your campaign budget from threats.
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    Say farewell to misleading clicks and guarantee a streamlined, cost-effective path for your advertising endeavors.
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Ensuring Your Protection from Fraudulent Activities

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Combat non-human internet traffic, which comprises 52% of online activity and includes computer programs designed to mimic real users. Of this, 29% are flagged as harmful to your campaigns.


Click Farms

Identify and block low-wage workers hired to click on your paid advertising links. These individuals mimic normal user behavior, making them difficult to detect. With our advanced detection methods, we can identify and thwart their efforts.



Malicious competitors and brand detractors employ this tactic to eliminate your PPC Google ads from search engine results. They repeatedly click on your ads, aiming to disrupt your business or tarnish your product's reputation. Safeguard your online presence with our robust protection measures.


How we secure your campaigns with ClickFraudFree

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We Monitor

ClickFraudFree is on guard 24/7, ensuring the safety of your campaigns every hour of every day. Our software meticulously records the data of every visit to your website, swiftly identifying and neutralizing any potential threats.


We Analyze

Click fraud perpetrators come in various forms and employ diverse methods. While no one can prevent the initial click, we can take action thereafter by analyzing and categorizing each visit to detect and mitigate fraudulent activity.

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We Block

By tracking invalid and fraudulent clicks, Click Fraud Free automatically adds the IP addresses of these visitors to Google Ads' IP exclusion list. This proactive measure prevents further damage to your Ads Campaign by blocking repeat offenders.


Distinctive Capabilities of ClickFraudFree

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Keywords Analysis

We analyze the search terms triggering your ad displays, empowering you to incorporate them as keywords within your Google Ads campaign. This strategic approach enhances your campaign's reach and effectiveness by targeting relevant search queries.

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Negative Keywords

Additionally, we provide the capability to exclude search terms or keywords that don't align with your target audience, refining your targeting with ease. Optimize your campaign's focus with just a simple click!


Friendly Interface

Effortless, straightforward, and accessible to all users. Our interface empowers you to effortlessly manage all your campaigns, regardless of your familiarity with Google Ads. Everything you need, consolidated into a single user-friendly interface.

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Automatic Geo Targeting

Advanced prevention at your fingertips. With ClickFraudFree, you have the power to specify the geo-locations relevant to your campaign, directly within the platform. Our system seamlessly updates Google Ads' location settings every 24 hours, ensuring your targeting remains accurate and effective.

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Taylor-Made Blocking

IP Blocking based on click volume, duration, and geolocation. Our approach isn't one-size-fits-all—we tailor our blocking rules to suit your specific requirements. Recognizing that every customer is unique, our software offers a multitude of customizable features, allowing you to define the parameters that best align with your goals.

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We Block

We maintain a dependable and auditable record of all registered IPs. Unlike other software solutions, our meticulous record-keeping ensures transparency and accountability. Rest assured, our records are always audit-ready.

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