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The only prerequisites for using CFF are accessing the interface through Google AdWords and utilizing it in the English language.

Google AdWords is a platform provided by Google for individuals and businesses to showcase their ads within the search engine.

When a user’s search matches certain keywords defined in our campaign, our ad is displayed, directing potential customers to our website.

You have control over which keywords trigger your ad, your daily budget, and the maximum cost per click. Depending on the competition and their bids, a preference order is established for ad display, with the top position being the coveted spot at the top left corner of the results list.

CFF assists us in managing our daily budget by reducing the number of clicks generated by malicious visitors, thereby enhancing our exposure to potential leads.

Google Adwords allows us to look at which words were used to find our ads.

For example, some searches for: “Plumber on Manhattan” or “Price for PVC tube Manhattan”. If we are a plumber we might want to exclude the words in the second search term as will not lead interested customers to our webpage. CFF allows us to block those search terms.

Google Ads has its vulnerabilities, as anyone, whether human or bot, can click on our ads without any hindrance. There’s limited control over click fraud within Google’s system.

They only take action if there’s an excessive number of clicks from the same IP address, and they estimate a refund from our budget accordingly. Unfortunately, we have little control over this and must wait for their decision on refunds.

However, with CCF, we maintain a comprehensive record of all visiting IPs to our website. Coupled with Google Ads’ tool for blocking ads from specific IPs, we gain more control.

In real-world tests, particularly in competitive industries where clicks can cost up to €50, we’ve managed to reduce our investment by 25% while simultaneously increasing the number of conversions.

CFF does not offer a free trial option. Implementing our software requires personalized attention from our technical team.

Our most affordable subscription starts at $30 USD with no long-term commitment.

Absolutely. You can cancel your subscription with just one click on the subscription page.

Whether you’re a marketing agency, business, or individual, our Agency subscription is available to accommodate your needs.

Feel free to reach out to us via a simple contact form, and we’ll provide you with a tailored budget to meet your specific requirements.

Yes, we offer seamless integration of CFF with any website.

For further inquiries, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

In this scenario, CFF needs to be installed on the new website to ensure continued functionality.

We’ll need to re-integrate the HTML code accordingly.