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Refine Your Marketing Strategy with ClickFraudFree

Enhance your digital marketing strategy and fine-tune campaigns using ClickFraudFree’s capabilities.

Do You Lack A Well-Defined Marketing Strategy?

Clear objectives and strategic planning are crucial for a successful online presence. Without a defined strategy, achieving expected results can be challenging. Our assistance in goal setting, strategy development, competitor analysis, and target audience definition ensures a focused action plan tailored to your needs.

How Do We Configure Your Online Marketing Strategy?


Analysis of Competition

Our initial step involves evaluating your competition: examining their presence, pricing strategies, and Google standing to identify potential opportunities and threats.


Internal Analysis

We assess your current online presence by evaluating website performance, social channels, and campaigns to identify areas for improvement.


Target Attributes Defined

We delineate the brand attributes to emphasize and define the audience to target. This critical step enables effective communication tailored to potential buyers


We Mark the Strategy

After setting our objectives, attributes, and target audience, we initiate planning the 'what, where, and how' of our online presence to achieve our goals.


Action Plan

The strategic definition culminates in a comprehensive action plan that empowers optimizing your online presence. This plan can be activated by either the agency or your company.


Measurement and Table of KPI's

Upon defining the Action Plan, we establish a set of KPIs or key metrics that need monitoring to track the project’s progress as intended, enabling early detection of any deviations for timely corrections.

Strategic Digital Advertising with ClickFraudFree

Choose from diverse strategies to craft your digital ad campaigns based on your goals. Our agency specializes in developing impactful campaigns across various channels like Google Adwords and social networks, prioritizing results and ROI.

How ClickFraudFree Excels in Digital Advertising Initiatives


Google Ads Campaign

We create, manage and optimize SEM campaigns in Google Ads. We have years of experience using and managing digital marketing campaigns in this environment, where great results can be achieved.


YouTube Campaign

Digital advertising campaigns on YouTube are increasingly used, due to their versatility and the increasing use of videos as advertising media.

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Google Shopping Campaign

If what you are looking for is the online sale of a product, one of the best options to consider is the development of campaigns in Google Shopping, which provide qualified visibility at a very controlled cost.


Google Display Campaign

To increase brand impacts or develop a campaign aimed at a particular target, Display campaigns both on the web and in Apps are a very effective tool.


Ads Social Campaign

Campaigns on social platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, are one of the most effective ways to reach a certain target audience, as well as having an active presence on mobile devices.

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Affiliation Campaign

When what is needed is a high volume of leads and / or sales, without its origin being a transcendental element, using affiliate campaigns is usually a good option.