Unleash the Power of Protected Clicks with ClickFraudFree

Elevate your campaigns with Clickfraudfree, where each click is a shield against fraud. Unlock the power of secured clicks, ensuring your digital efforts flourish under robust protection.

Discover the secrets behind safeguarding your campaigns fraudelent clicks.

False Clicks Detection & Blocking

Our software meticulously logs every visit routed from Google Ads to your website. While we can’t prevent the first click, we take action to thwart future attacks that jeopardize our campaigns.

We employ thorough analysis to identify bots, click farms, and malicious visitors, isolating their IPs and appending them to the Google Ads exclusion list, effectively blocking them from seeing our ads again.

Regardless of the visitor’s IP version, be it IPv4 or IPv6, we enforce a comprehensive block.

With our solution, you can maximize your campaign’s effectiveness, elevating your return on investment to new heights

Keywords Optimization

One of our standout features is the ability to review the search terms utilized. With Click Fraud Free’s user-friendly interface, you can easily list and manage the search terms that led users to your website. You have the option to add or exclude these terms directly through Click Fraud Free, seamlessly integrating them into your Google Ads campaign.

By leveraging this capability, we not only prevent malicious clicks but also enhance your efficiency by targeting your product or service directly to the most promising leads.

GeoLocation Auto-Update

Set up geolocation targeting for your campaigns effortlessly with ClickFraudFree. Easily restrict your content by cities, countries, and more.

Our interface automatically detects and updates changes in location settings within your Google AdWords campaign every 24 hours. Say goodbye to manual updates, saving you time and increasing efficiency in IP blocking.

Unlike other programs that require you to manually exclude unwanted locations, we streamline the process with automatic updates, making it simpler and more efficient.

Automatic Google Claim Mail

Google enables us to seek refunds for clicks that are verified as fraudulent or illegitimate, such as those from bots.

ClickFraudFree automates this process by generating a monthly email containing all necessary information—including date, time, location, keywords, account, and campaign—making it seamless to claim reimbursement from Google.

Time Based Blocking

We offer flexibility in IP blocking duration, allowing you to tailor it according to your specific requirements.

Whether it’s for one day, one week, one month, or indefinitely, you have the control to decide how long an IP remains blocked from viewing your Google Ads.

Taylor Made Protection

Recognizing that every business is unique, we believe in giving you full control over your traffic management through AdWords. ClickFraudFree allows you to customize all parameters within the blocking system to align with the specific characteristics of your business.

Whether it’s restrictions based on keywords, location, clicks, device type, or the time an ad is shown, ClickFraudFree adapts precisely to your needs in ways that other programs simply can’t match.

Reliable IP Record

We’ve found that other software similar to ClickFraudFree lack a robust system for recording the IPs that visit your website, and some even falsify their records.

At ClickFraudFree, we maintain a trustworthy record of every visit to your website, including those that have been blocked. You can access this comprehensive record directly from the control panel, ensuring transparency and accuracy in our tracking.